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Passage 9

How did Tencent take WeChat so far ahead of its rivals? The answer lies partly in the peculiarities of the local market. Unlike most Westerners, many Chinese possessed multiplemobile devices, and they quickly took to an app that offered them an easy way to integrate them all into a single digital identity. In America messaging apps had a potent competitor in the form of basic mobile-phone plans, which bundled in SMS messaging. But text messages were costly in China, so consumers eagerly adopted the free messaging app.

And e-mail never took off on the mainland the way it has around the world, mainly because the internet came late; that left an opening for messaging apps.

But the bigger explanation for WeChat’s rise is Tencent’s ability to innovate. Many Chinese grew up using QQ, a PC-based messaging platform offered by Tencent that still has over 800m registered users. QQ was a copy of ICQ, a pioneering Israeli messaging service. But then the Chinese imitator learned to think for itself. Spotting the coming rise of the mobile internet, Tencent challenged several internal teams to design and develop a smartphone-only messaging app. The QQ insiders came up with something along the lines of their existing product for the PC, but another team of outsiders (from a just-acquired firm) came up with Weixin. When Tencent launched the new app, it made it easy for QQ’s users to transfer their contacts over to the new app.

Another stroke of brilliance came two years ago when the service launched a “red packet” campaign in which WeChat users were able to send digital money to friends and family to celebrate Chinese New Year rather than sending cash in a red envelope, as is customary. It was clever of the firm to turn dutiful gift-giving into an exciting game, notes Connie Chan of Andreessen Horowitz, a VC firm. It also encouraged users to bind together into groups to send money, often in randomized amounts (if you send 3,000 yuan to 30 friends, they may not get 100 yuan each; WeChat decides how much). That in turn led to explosive growth in group chats. This year, over 400m users (both as individuals and in groups) sent 32 billion packets of digital cash during the celebration.

31. Which of the following is mentioned in paragraph one?

A. On the mainland, mobile devices cost a lot.

B. Text messages are less expensive than messaging app in America.

C. Chinese people like messaging apps more than text messages.

D. American messaging apps are not free.

32. How did Tencent invent Weixin?

A. A team of PC insiders invented weixin for Tencent.

B. A team of outsiders acquired by Tencent invented Weixin.

C. Tencent asked the QQ insiders team to create a product.

D. Tencent copied a pioneering Israeli messaging service.

33. What is the outcome of the red packet campaign?

A. Users are increasing to form groups.

B. It caused people to send money in random amounts.

C. The gift-giving process became an exciting game.

D. It changed the way Chinese people send each other gifts.

34. The phrase “stoke of brilliance” means ______.

A. success

B. chance

C. remarkable idea

D. None of the above

35. According to the passage, the success of Weixin mainly attributes to ______

A. QQ’s strong user base.

B. the lack of competitors.

C. local market opportunity and innovation.

D. All of the above.

Passage 10

Do you send and receive more phones calls or e-mail? If your answer is e-mail, or you wish it were, then a new breed of telecommunications devices called an e-mail phone or Internet phone may soon find its way into your kitchen or living room. Essentially, an e-mail phone, or e-phone for short, is the merger of telephone and computer. With most of these new screen phones, that means being able to read and reply to electronic mail directly from the phone, without starting up (or even owning) a PC. With some, it also means being able to search through the Web to make vacation plans or research homework assignments though at slow speeds and on a rather small screen. And you can still make phone calls, too.

No computer experience is required to use an e-phone. Most let you sign up with Internet service provider (ISP), which typically charges about $20 per month. Once you’repast this tedious work and enter the account information into the phone, you can check your e-mail from either your computer or phone.

To assess your e-mail account from one of these phones, you typically have to select e-mail service from a menu. Phones with touch screens have an icon (圖標) for that on the opening screen. For other phones, you press one of the buttons lining the bottom or sides of the display, much as with an ATM machine. The phone then calls your ISP. When the ISP picks up, the phone automatically transfers your account name and password. Once accepted, the ISP will start sending the phone your messages. By touching the item you want to read or hitting a button next to it, the message will be displayed. Once you’ve read it, you can reply to the message, move onto the next one, or, with most phones, delete the message from your account. You can check your e-mail manually, but most e-phones can also be set to check several times a day automatically. In automatic mode, the phone flashes to tell you mail is waiting. If you happen to be using the phone when it is scheduled to check for e-mail, the phone will automatically try again when the line is free.

One serious drawback to e-mail by phone is that it cannot receive (or send) attached files, whether they contain documents or graphics. Some phones will attempt to display simple text files as part of the message, but other types of files will appear as gibberish(亂碼), or not at all. If you share the e-mail account with a PC and don’t delete the message, however, you can usually retrieve the message and file on your computer.

36. An e-mail phone is an improved device of telecommunication in that ______.

A. it can record a message in the form of e-mails

B. it can be used to receive and send e-mails

C. it can be connected with computers

D. it can be used to visit websites

37. Compared with a traditional telephone, an e-mail phone probably ______.

A. has a colored screen

B. has a larger size

C. has similar key arrangement

D. does not have a receiver

38. When an e-mail phone is being used to make phone calls, it ______.

A. cannot receive new messages

B. send out a signal of new messages

C. cannot display e-mail messages

D. automatically checks new messages

39. One fundamental flaw of e-mail phones is that people cannot use it to ______.

A. receive or send e-mails with attached files

B. receive attached files with documents

C. read attached files with graphics

D. read only messages in the form of simple text

40. It can be inferred from the passage that e-mails phones are designed to ______.

A. make transmission of e-mail messages faster

B. make communication through e-mails cheaper

C. make communication through e-mails easier

D. make communication through e-mails more popular

31.【答案】C。解析:細節題。第一段中說“But text messages were costly in China, so consumers eagerly adopted the free messaging app.”指的是發短信很貴,而不是A項手機很貴,故A錯誤。這一句還說明,在中國,發短信很貴,所以人們選擇免費的聊天軟件,也就是說聊天軟件更便宜;而在美國,發送短信是否比聊天軟件便宜,在文中沒有提到,故B錯誤。C項說人們更喜歡聊天軟件,符合句意,故C正確。D項美國的聊天軟件是否免費,文章沒有提到,故D錯誤。本題選C。

32.【答案】B。解析:細節題。第二段倒數第二句中說“but another team of outsiders (from a just-acquired firm) came up with Weixin”,即騰訊剛收購的一個團隊研發出了微信,B符合句意,故選B。

33.【答案】C。解析:細節題。第三段中提到It was clever of the firm to turn dutiful gift-giving into an exciting game,即把送禮物變成一個有趣的游戲,C符合句意。A項“用戶越來越多,逐漸建立了多個用戶群”,而文章只是說鼓勵用戶建群發紅包,選項表述偏差,排除A。B項中提到的“人們發隨機金額的紅包”是一種做法,而不是紅包活動的結果,故B錯誤。D項說“它改變了人們送禮物的方式”,這點屬于過度推斷,文章并未提到,故D錯誤。本題選C。

34.【答案】C。解析:詞義題。這個詞組前面有another,說明前一段和后文說的是同一種事物。而上一段主要說的是“another team of outsiders (from a just-acquired firm) came up with Weixin”,一個團隊提出了開發微信的想法,再根據這一段的內容可知,騰訊公司又發起了“紅包”運動,這項活動可以讓微信用戶發之間在線發送紅包,而不用像之前那樣把現金放進信封;緊接著又講到這項“紅包”活動讓送禮物演變成了一個有趣的游戲。所以可以推斷“推出紅包運動”的想法也是一個絕妙的想法,故stoke of brilliance指代的是remarkable idea。故選C。

35.【答案】C。解析:細節題。題干問的是,微信的成功主要歸因于什么。第一段第二句The answer lies partly in the peculiarities of the local market.以及第二段第一句the bigger explanation for WeChat’s rise is Tencent’s ability to innovate.說明本地市場的特性及騰訊公司的創新能力是重要原因,C正確。而A項QQ用戶的支持,和B項微信競爭對手少,雖然在文章有所提及,但沒有明確點出是微信成功的原因,故排除。本題選C。

Passage 10

36.【答案】B。解析:細節題。第一段第四句解釋了e-mail phone的功能,即用電話代替電腦處理電子郵件,B與之相符。A為無關選項,可直接排除;第一段第四句指出,有了e-mail phone,即使不開電腦,也可以處理電子郵件,故排除C;第一段第五句說明不是所有的e-mail phone都可以瀏覽網頁,故排除D。

37.【答案】B。解析:推斷題。第三段描述了e-mail phone的使用方法,可以得知e-mail phone必須具備可以顯示郵件信息的顯示器以及用于登錄賬號及回復郵件所需的鍵盤,可以推知e-mail phone肯定比普通電話體積大,B與之相符。排除干擾顯示電子郵件不一定需要彩屏,故排除A;e-mail phone除了普通電話的數字鍵,肯定需要字母鍵以及諸多功能鍵才能執行其功能,故排除C;第一段最后一句指出e-mail phone保留普通電話的通話功能,因此肯定帶聽筒,故排除D。

38.【答案】A。解析:推斷題。根據題干定位到原文第三段最后一句。如果e-mail phone在查收電子郵件時占線,則會等通話結束后再自動查收,可以推知通話過程中不能接收新郵件,A與之相符。排除干擾第三段第十句說明只要有未讀郵件,電話的指示燈就會不斷閃爍,故排除B;不能接收新郵件不說明不能查看已接收的郵件,故排除C;D與第三段最后一句不符。

39.【答案】A。解析:細節題。根據題干one fundamental flaw定位到原文第四段第一句和第二句,可知it cannot receive (or send) attached files, whether they contain documents or graphics所以,一個根本的缺陷是不能接收或發送附件,故此題答案為A。

40.【答案】C。解析:推斷題。從原文第一段第二句及第二段第一句得知,e-mail phone可以安裝在廚房及客廳等最經常使用的場所,而且即使不會操作電腦的人也可以用它來收發電子郵件,因此使電子郵件通信更為便利、簡單,C與之相符。




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